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Friday, August 14, 2009

The past 3 days have been amazing and I definitely do not want to leave tomorrow. We have been practicing kung fu and we finally performed for the monks and kung fu masters last night and they performed for us , we had a party with music and everything it was so hard to say goodbye in the end.we even had dinner with our kung fu teacher who we love to call "smiley" for the main reason that he never smiles and 2 monks named andy and tommy. It was great to talk with the monks and see how they live and I was very surprised to hear andy has a facebook and basically speaks perfect english. I loved being able to hear about their culture and the rules to being a monk. The party was definitely a great way to end the night too. Today was just a travel day and it gave us a lot more time to bond and even make a rap to perform at the duck dinner. We returned back to beijing and got ready for the duck dinner and it was an amazing way to end the trip. We watched videos jimbo put together and saw the amazing pictures cory took. It was great to reminise about our trip. All of us ate a scorpion! I was so surprised by myself but it was fun to say I've done that before! When we all got back all the kids hung out. It made me realize how much I'm going to miss everyone and how happy I am that I've met them. Its a bond that will never ever be broken and I remember a staff member even said on the bus " all of us have such great chemistry" I feel so lucky to have met everyone and to be given such a great opportunity. Meeting ping,riley,sean,wend,michael and amanda was so great and I can't wait to go home and tell everyone about my trip. I am also so grateful that I was picked for this trip and provided with so much. We saw the most amazing things and ate at the nicest restaurants.. It was the most amazing trip I have ever experienced and I have overcome a lot of my fears and learned so much. I am so happy and I'm going to miss everyone so much!


Karen Wells said...

What a nice post that truly came from the heart. I think you are right in saying that this was an amazing trip. Figuratively speaking, I have taken the trip with you and have been excited every day to see what you have written. Stay in touch with each other and never forget the lessons you have learned. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Changing Connections said...

Saying good-bye is difficult, both in person and online. You have taught me so much, with exuberance and honesty. Thank you for being my eyes and sharing China. You made me want very much to take this DSA trip. Cherish your memories and stay connected.

RJ Stangherlin

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